10 Best Patio Heater For Wind – Top Picks And Review

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Nothing beats enjoying quality time with your family and friends, hanging out with the entire family or even having a barbecue party and these sort of activities tends to start when the day is still warm but as the evening approaches, the temperature starts to drop. This however shouldn’t mean the party is coming to an end as far as you have invested in the best patio heater for wind.

Patio heaters are essential items which can be placed at any point or spot as it would help in providing extra heat since there is a drop in temperature and in most cases, they are powered either using propane, electricity or gas. Natural gas and propane tend to burn fuel therefore making use of open flames to produce the required heat.

Patio heaters comes in various styles as it could have a pyramid style or torch style. However, electric heaters are not as elegant as others but what they lack in terms of appearances, they have made up for it in terms of function. They are fast when it comes to warming or heating up the place and they require power outlets that meets up with its electric demands.

Best Patio Heater For Wind – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Fire tables or fire pits tend to add extra fun when there is gathering as it helps in providing not just warmth but light as well and that is why it is similar to being around a campfire. From what we have said so far, you can tell that patio heaters comes in various designs and with various features and that is why shopping for one is a daunting task.

Firstly, we would be showing you the best ten products that has all it takes to make every gathering worthwhile and after that, we would also show you a brief buying guide that contains some of the key features that you should be on the look out for when shopping for a quality and functional patio heater for wind.

With the help of this review, we trust that you would be able to make the right choice and find the right patio heater for you and your family. Check them out right away;

Best Patio Heater For Wind Review

1. Golden Flame Patio Heater (XL-Series) Matte-Mocha, 46,000 BTU 

best patio heater for wind

Due to its impressive level of efficacy, the Golden Flame Patio heater has remained popular and very effective for a very long time and this isn’t just because of the fact that this patio heater is works exactly like it is designed ti but also because of the fact that it comes with several amazing features which you don’t have to spend too much on.

This is one patio heater with lots of power as it would generate up to 46,00 BTU meaning this is very trustworthy to be used outdoors especially under unpredictable weather conditions and another impressive feature is its heat control knob. With this knob, the output or performance of this patio heater can be controlled easily.

This heat controlled knob is similar to that of a gas grill control knob and furthermore, you would be pleased with this patio heater’s ability to heat up specific areas like dining areas. However, even though this patio heater isn’t already assembled, you would find it quite easy to install while its high quality stainless steel material construction makes it extremely durable.

It also comes with wheels which makes it easy to maneuver and transport this patio heater from one are where it is needed to another.


  • Can be assembled easily
  • Ensures people are comfortable when it is being used
  • Features an effective electric ignition


  • Customers were bothered about the quality of materials used


2. Golden Flame Resort Model 40,000 BTU Flame Patio 

What made us amazed at the Golden Flame Resort Model flame patio is the pilotless burning design that it comes with as there are patio heaters which comes with a pilot flame burning design which is used in making sure that the heater burns quickly but with this patio heater, the case isn’t the same. This is helpful in preserving fuel.

Now, another reason why people are impressed with its pilot-less burning system is because now, they no longer have to be worried about the flame being blown out by the wind. Relying on a patio heater with pilot burning system simply means you have to put up with its flame constantly being put out by the wind.

This makes this patio heater effective and safe even in windy weather conditions and what we also find very interesting about this patio heater is its base which can be filled with sand just to make up its weight. Filling up its base with sand simply helps in making sure that this heater doesn’t tip over while an in-built tilt switch helps in shutting this heater down automatically if it ever gets knocked down accidentally.


  • Great quality for its price
  • Has an awesome design
  • Has a straightforward assembly
  • Works good too


  • The heat output of this patio heater is low


3. Fire Sense 46,000 BTU Deluxe Propane (LP) Heater

The Fire Sense Deluxe Propane Heater is a very good option for people who are looking not just for a patio heater that comes with lots of exciting features but are also looking for a heater that is designed to provide good amount of warmth when used outdoors. Being safe and easy to operate are other advantages that comes with using this heater.

Transporting this heater from one spot to another is also easy as far as it is the Fire Sense Deluxe Propane heater that is being talked about and tipping this patio heater over accidentally is almost impossible as its base is designed to be filled up with stand which makes it have some extra weight and prevents it from tipping over.

However, there is an outstanding feature of this propane patio heater and what we are referring to is its reflector dome which assures that maximum heat output is what this heater delivers and thanks to the amazing design of this heater, power would not be lost when this heater is being used. Its mocha bronze brown coating also improves the look of this heater and also improves the look of your garden or patio.


  • Well packaged and arrived real quick
  • Offers great warmth when used on decks
  • Has a good price
  • Works absolutely good especially its ignition


  • Its shipping box had a minor damage


4. Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

For people looking forward to make sure that their patio stays warm even under chilly weather conditions then the Hiland HLDSO1 WGTHG patio heater is the best to serve such purpose and this isn’t just because this patio heater is practical but because with time, it would turn out to be part of your home as it would make your nights out comfortable.

Now, unlike the patio heaters that we have talked about, this is slightly different because it is a CSA approved heater and this patio heater from Hiland comes with wheels which helps in aiding movement and mobility when necessary. Despite weighing quite some pounds, its wheels would make it very easy to move around pr place it where you want to.

Being able to produce about 40,00 BTU of heat makes us consider this patio heater as very capable as it is estimated to function for as long as ten hours and with its tower made using heat resistant materials which is effective in concealing this heater’s combustion flame.


  • No stress during assembly
  • Comes with precise and clear instructions
  • Awesome unit with fantastic customer service


  • Different heaters from the one in the picture was delivered


5. Legacy Heating CAPH-7-S Patio Heater

The Legacy Heating CAPH-7-S Patio Heater is one that we are sure has all the right features combined with a perfect design that would meet up with all of your heating needs and just like the last patio heater that we just finished discussing, this heater also has wheels which makes it easy to move to your gardens or patios for use.

However, you can be able to select from three various finishes including a mocha powdered coating finish, a stainless steel finish and also hammered black powder coated finish. However, this patio heater is designed to be compatible with propane tanks and it is also capable of producing up to 47,000 BTU.

Being made from premium stainless steel material also makes this patio heater very durable but however, we must let you know that this isn’t the type of heater to be used in covered patios but it is designed for use outdoors. It also doesn’t have a propane tank door.


  • Functions very good
  • Less time to assemble
  • Easy to get rid of dents it came with
  • Has wheels for mobility


  • Looks cheaply made
  • Low heat output


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6. AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

If you are shopping for a patio heater on a budget but would still want a heater that would be able to perform great and also meet up with durability then this patio heater is what you need and one thing you need to know about this heater is its bronze finish makes sure it stays resistant to very high temperatures as well as making it look nice.

With about a heat output of 46,000 BTU, you can stay relaxed and enjoy your evenings with this patio heater even on chilly weather conditions and its wheeled construction also comes as an advantage as users would be able to wheel this patio heater around with ease. Being portable is what most people look out for in heaters as well.

The heat it generates can be used in place of firewood and this heat is also very consistent. Furthermore, users would be impressed with how quiet this patio heater is and all of these excellent features and more can be gotten at a very affordable rate.


  • Good looking patio heater
  • Has a sturdy build
  • Well packaged
  • Worth the price


  • A shorter patio heater got delivered


7. PAMAPIC Commercial Patio Heater with Cover

The next patio we are about to look at is designed to be very practical and impressive and speaking about being impressive, this patio heater comes with a little door which offers access to the tank chamber but the only downside is it doesn’t come with a tank meaning the tank would be purchased separately.

When it comes to heating up a specific area, this patio heater proves to be very efficient and being designed to produce about 46,000 BTU of heat simply means that this heater would run at a stable condition as well as ensuring constant provision of warmth.

This heater is made using high quality stainless steel material which ensures durability and we cannot close our eyes to the fact that there is a possibility that this heater might get tipped over. So, it features an automatic shut off design which completely shuts down this heater if it ever tips over.


  • Has an impressive heat distance coverage
  • Excellent operation
  • Works great
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Makes the patio look good


  • None


8. Lava Heat Italia – AMAZON-131 – Lava Lite Patio Heater

The Lava Heat Italia Patio Heater is one that would not just be a useful item when used on any patio but it is also designed to be very durable meaning that you would not return back to the market to shop for a patio heater for wind anytime soon. This patio heater is capable of generating up to 56,000 BTU which would heat up a particular area.

A very appealing feature of this patio heater is the borosilicate material construction and this makes the heater highly resistant to heat and weather. This heater has a good length which is why it is capable of delivering the best heat coverage that you have ever seen while it can be placed anywhere since it doesn’t require light to function.

An advantage of getting this heater is it comes ready to use so there would be no need to worry about assembly as it is with other patio heaters and lastly, there is a hammered black coating on this patio heater which proves to be the perfect design as well as making this heater look very attractive.


  • Designed to function real good
  • Provides adequate warmth for everyone
  • Lighting this heater up is very easy
  • Huge


  • Has low heat expectations


9. Fire Sense 61436 Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater

Up next on our best patio heater for wind review is the Fire Sense 61436 Pro Series Patio Heater and this heater right here was designed bearing commercial use in mind which is why it is very dependable and durable. It is durable in the sense that it features a high quality stainless steel material which makes sure it lasts for long.

Even though it was designed bearing commercial use in mind, it can also be used in residences searching for a quality and top performing heater for their patio and however, this patio heater comes with a heavy duty reflector which makes it more sturdy. However, safety is one of the features we love about this patio heater.

This heater has a tip over protection which helps in shutting this heater down if there is a tip over accident and thanks to its already attached wheels, mobility would not be a problem with this heater. Its head assembly features a panel for easy access to making simple and quick exchange of components.


  • Lights up real good
  • Has durable material construction
  • Good looking patio heater


  • Low quality tank cover


10. Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR Patio Heater

We are closing up this entertaining review with the Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR Patio Heater which is designed to produce about 48,000 BTU and also ensuring that you and the entire family stays warm all through the year when chilling outdoors. It comes with an electronic ignition that makes start up very fast and easy.

However, this patio heater has a feature which you would fall in love with and the feature we are talking about is its variable control which makes it easy to adjust to a suitable temperature so as to meet up with your needs. It doesn’t come with a propane tank but has a place to store a tank at the base of this heater.

Its base has a weighted design which helps in making this heater secure and stable and if it ever happens that this heater gets knocked off accidentally, it has an automatic shut off design which ensures safety and less hazard. With all of these features and more, this is simply the best patio heater to use on chilly nights.


  • Keeps user warm and nice
  • Good looking patio heater
  • Its tank is easy to change
  • Entire unit is easy to operate
  • High quality patio heater


  • The tank has no door


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Final Thoughts

There are lots of questions to be answered when shopping for a reliable and durable patio heater and hopefully, after going through this interesting guide, we hope that you would be able to find that patio heater that would be able to meet all of your needs. Selecting from the ten that we have talked about means you are getting the best model that would suit your lifestyle and make your patio warm.


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