5 Best Weeding Tool Review – The Complete Buyers Guide

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Best Weeding ToolWeeds are the ultimate nightmare for garden lovers. No matter how much you try to keep your garden or lawn clean, weeds will eventually come back and grow all over the place again.

That is also the reason why many people try to maintain regular weeding in their garden so that weeds don’t grow as often.

And if you are someone who needs a good tool to do some weeding then you need to get the best weeding tool in the market today.

Why Do You Need to Weed Out Your Garden?

For someone who needs to keep their garden in perfect condition, weeding is essential but if you are someone who pay little attention to your garden or don’t mind a few weeds growing then it isn’t really necessary to get all the gardening tools laid out. However if you prefer to just keep weeds out of your garden then you need the right tools to do that.

Now why should you weed often?

  • For one, keeping a well-kept garden is an asset to your property. It also keeps your plants healthy and in good condition.
  • Weeds compete for moisture and so when they inhabit your garden, the nutrients in the soil are divided. If you don’t weed them out, the chances of survival for your main plants are reduced. So it’s best to get rid of these unwanted weeds before they take over your garden.
  • If you like the look of a ruined garden then let those weeds grow! But if you have a carefully planned garden, weeds will only ruin the beauty of it.
  • Besides destroying the beauty of your garden, weeds can sometimes be poisonous and harmful to the plants and pets. It could also cause allergies to people.
  • Weeds can get out of control if taken for granted. They may also become hard to remove if you ignore it for long.

So in order to get your weeding started, here are the top five weeding tools you need to get your hands on!

Top 5 Weeding Tools for Your Gardening Needs

1. Nisaku Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool

Nisaku Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool review

For our first choice, we give to you the Nisaku Japanese Hori Hori digging tool. This versatile digging tool is basically a knife but much better. The blade is seven inches.

And it is designed to have one smooth edge which is perfect for slicing away weeds and a serrated edge to stab and saw through sod, roots and other tough materials. It can also be used for cultivating your plants, digging holes, cutting stems or barks as well as prying weeds out of the ground.

These are made with carbon steel blade as well as stainless steel both of which the product is available in. The carbon handles are the ones with sharper edge so it requires the user to sharpen it regularly since rust tend to form quickly.

What We Like:

  • It’s handy to use.
  • It can be used in many ways.
  • Sharp and easy to use.
  • Can be sharpened quickly.
  • It’s made with quality materials.
  • Feels heavy and sturdy.
  • Can be used in anything.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s too sharp on the first try. It can cut a person if not handled properly.
  • The handles feel heavy and clunky to use.


2. Standard Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter

Standard Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter review

For our second pick, this one belongs to the Lesche. This digging tool is basically similar to Hori Hori but much bigger features. The handles of this blade is designed to be comfortable to use as it has easy grip rubber.

It has a blade guard so you don’t cut yourself in case your hand slips off the handles while you are digging in the soil. The 7 inches blades are pretty strong as it is heat-treated and is very flexible so you can pull out more than just those stubborn weeds.

It can slice through anything and can cut through sods, weeds, dig trenches and paves easily. It is also designed for both right and left handed users.

What We Like:

  • The handles are easy to hold.
  • Blade protectors are great.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It’s available in left and right versions.
  • Made of sturdy materials.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bends after a few uses.


3. Cape Cod Weeder

Cape Cod Weeder

One of the best weeding tool that you can purchase is the product made by the Cape Cod Weeder. This tool is designed to be very handy especially when you are removing weeds growing in tight places.

The blade is L-shaped and can cut off weeds at the roots. It’s short but it is handy enough for you to reach between plants. It’s also easy to grip so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your hands.

What We Like:

  • It’s the right size for digging weeds.
  • It’s handy and sturdy.
  • It can reach small spaces.
  • It can easily remove tough weeds.
  • It comes with left and right versions.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is smaller compared to other heavy duty tools used when removing weeds.
  • A bit cheap looking.


4. Hoedag Planter Mattock

Hoedag Planter Mattock review

If you mean business when it comes to removing weeds then this is the tool you should use. This tool is designed with beech handle with heat-treated carbon blades which makes it look like a badass miniature pick axe.

The hoedag is a 15 inch versatile tool that you can use anywhere. It is safe to use for digging, planting, removing clumps or grass, weeding and many others. The larger ends of the blade are mainly used for planting, digging while the smaller ends are perfect for weeding.

It’s also easy to handle as you are not require to twist your arm. All you need to do is to bury the head on the ground and pull through.

What We Like:

  • The blades are very sturdy.
  • The materials used are durable and can withstand any weeding or digging.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Its handles are easy to grip.
  • It can remove weeds and clumps of grass easily.
  • The handles are made of hardwood so you know it’s durable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s heavier compared to other hand tools.


5. Dee Weeder

Dee Weeder review

For our last pick, this one belongs to Dee Weeder. This awesome looking tool is not your typical weeding item. It may look intimidating but this large, perforated scoop with sawtooth is pretty handy when it comes to digging and weeding.

It is very easy to grip and is designed to mainly remove weeds off your garden. The sawtooth are sharp and make it easier to remove weeds as well as other stubborn plants growing in your garden. It is made entirely of cast aluminum so you know that it will not break easily.

The handles are made with non-slip plastic and are light enough to use. It doesn’t rust easily too and does not require you to use much strength in order for it to work.

What We Like:

  • The handles are cushioned.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s easy to use and the materials used to make it are strong.
  • The edges are sharp enough for it to easily remove weeds and grass.
  • It looks and feels solid.
  • It is an excellent soil tiller.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It looks like a plastic toy with the plastic handles.
  • The serrated edge looks cheap.


The Types of Weeding Tools

As you know we have listed the top five best weeding tools that you can find in the market today but before you make that purchase understand that there are different tools out there so don’t confuse yourself.

The most basic styles of weeding tools are the short handled and the long handled tools. The short ones are best for those who love to work on their knees while the long handled ones gives you the chance to stand while you cover a bigger and much larger areas.

These basic styles may vary according to the manufacturer which is why many of them come up with unique designs that will not only work well in removing grass and weeds but also enjoy the design. If you ask me, there is not perfect weeding tool but you can always find one that will suit your needs. That is also the reason why besides checking the styles, you must also know how to find the best kind.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Weeding Tool

So before you proceed to the store, make sure that you know what to look for. Here are some questions that you should consider asking yourself first before shopping for a weeding too:

  • Do you need to work in a comfy position or do you prefer to get down and dirty while you are in the garden?
  • Do you want something that is easy to hold? How long would you like this tool to be?
  • Can this tool pull out an entire root? How far can it go in the roots?
  • Will it work for tough weeds?
  • What are the materials I should check into when looking for a weeding tool? Do I need to have wooden handles? How about stainless steel ones?
  • Are the parts of this tool secured together? How long is the warranty?
  • Does it need to be sharpened regularly?
  • Does it need maintenance? How often do I lubricate it? Does it rust immediately? Do I have the ability to clean this gardening tool?

How to Find the Best Weeding Tools

When it comes to weeding tools, shopping for one can be daunting as there are plenty of companies and brands to choose from. However, it would save you time and energy if you know where to look and what to find.

Now if you really don’t know how to find the best weeding tool, the solution is simple; ask for a recommendation. If you know someone who is into garden, ask for an advice. These people can easily point you to the tools you need to purchase in no time.

In case you don’t know anyone who is into gardening, do your research. It’s easy to find product reviews online as well as customer feedback. This will be easy to see and figure out which weeding tool can serve you well. Of course just make sure to compare other products first.

This way you can see all the options in front of you. Don’t forget to see how much you are willing to spend. This can help you narrow down your searches and gives you a few options to choose from.




Don’t get too overwhelmed when it comes to shopping the right tools. The options are there for you and all you have to do is pick one that you think will do best.

We have the top five sorted out for you but don’t just stop there, there are plenty of others to discover. We hope that you find this review helpful, good luck!

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